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Shock absorbers

Shock Absorbers by Kotwals Motor Spares Boksburg

KMS motor spares offers quality shock absorbers that are manufacture by leaders of the field. Kotwals shock absorbers are manufactured by premium suppliers tailored to your car.Installing this suspension component will enhance the safety and performance of your car.

Excessive Bouncing, Swerving, & Diving

The bouncing that may cause tires to develop uneven wear won’t just affect the tires themselves: you should feel the effect, as well. If you drive over a bump and your car continues to bounce, bad shock absorbers may be to blame. While you can test this yourself by pushing on the front of your parked car and seeing if it bounces excessively when you let go, we recommend having your car tested professionally. After all, our technicians may find things that you’d miss.

Other movements are suspect, as well. Bad shocks may also cause the front of your car to dive forward when you hit the brakes. Additionally, they could cause the vehicle to shift its weight in the opposite direction of a turn, making it swerve.

Uneven Tire Wear

There are several potential causes of uneven tire wear, with one of the most common being alignment problems. However, uneven tire wear that you may notice from worn shock absorbers may look different. It’s called “cupping” or “scalloping.” Rather than even wear on the wrong part of the tire, cupping means that there are certain spots of the tire with excessive wear. A bad shock absorber will cause the tire to bounce, hitting the road at different points. This bouncing motion may cause the kind of uneven patches you see in cupping.

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