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Service Kits

Kotwals Motor Spares Boksburg Service Kits

KMS Boksburg offer a range of service kits that are essential to have in the boot of your car. The service kit consists of mostly used spares along with a manual that can be easily used for maintenance purposes.
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Product Description

Oh dread! That’s what you’re probably thinking when it’s time to service your car. But really, it’s easy. At Kotwal’s Motor Spares we simplify the procedure for you by giving you all the filters, the plugs and oil to suit your needs- and your budget!

Step one: (FILTERS)

Most cars need to replace an oil, air and fuel filter. Sometimes the air-cabin filter needs replacing as well. We stock GUD and import filters for ALL vehicles on the roads. Our motto when it comes to filters is: “If they make it, then surely we do stock it.” Whether your drive a popular VW Vivo or Toy Corolla or something less popular like a SAAB we stock everything!

Step two: (PLUGS)

We stock NGK, Champion and Bosch Spark plugs. Petrol cars require a plug change. Diesel cars use glow-plugs which do not always need to be replaced.

Step three: (OIL)

HUGE selection of oils, from Shell, Castrol, INDY and more affordable oils as well, we stock them all. Whether you need general oil or fully-synthetic or even racing oil, we keep the range!

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