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No job too dirty! PURE CLEANING POWER THE ORIGINAL | CLEANS ANYTHING Spec: W/BASE Blixem is a powerful water-based degreaser

Wynns Aircon Treatment

WYNNS trusted AIRCON TREATMENT has been reformulated to kill the COVID-19 virus in your vehicles aircon system. Mould and fungi that occur in the moist, hard-to-access ducting of the air conditioning system can cause allergies and unpleasant odours which are emitted through the air-con vents. Wynn?s Aircon Treatment is the easy and convenient way to remove these problems in minutes leaving the vehicle sanitized and with a fresh, pleasant scent. This product effectively kills 99.99% of viruses and neutralises odours in vehicle air conditioning systems. Eliminates harmful viruses including Sars Cov-2 (Covid 19) , bacteria and bad odours in minutes Quick and easy DIY application Fresh Fragrance

Wynns Autoglaze 250ml

Wynn?s Autogl?z? is a premium non-abrasive cream polish for all paint finishes including high end metallic and clear coat paintwork. High quality finish Non-abrasive Applies easily without leaving powder residue

Wynns Battery Water 1 litre

Wynn's battery water is the purest and most effective medium for efficient electron transfer in lead batteries. It has been distilled and de-mineralised by reverse osmosis to promote extended battery life. Demineralised Distilled High Purity

Wynns Black Black 200ml

Wynn?s Black Back brings back the black on faded bumpers, grills, spoilers, louvers, dashboards, tyres and other black trim. Covers grey faded areas instantly Spreads evenly and consistently Long lasting

Wynns Bright Spark 200ml Electrical cleaner

Wynn?s Bright Spark is an intelligent electrical circuit and contact cleaner. Spray directly onto surfaces to be cleaned to restore good electrical contact. It will remove all moisture, dirt, flux and oily residue. Ideal for sensitive electronics, printed circuits, switches and electrical panels. Safe to use on most plastics, rubber and metal. Fast and convenient cleaning action Quick drying formula removes moisture Inhibits corrosion Extension tube facilitates easy spot cleaning in hard to reach areas

Wynns Brush Off 375ml

Wynn?s Brush off is a dry foam cleaner for all fabric and velour upholstery in the car and at home. The activated foam assists in lifting dirt to the surface for ease of removal. Ideal for carpets, roof linings, seats etc. Dry activated foam Clean car and household upholstery, carpet and fabrics Lifts dirt for easy removal

Wynns C-Thru 250ml

Wynn?s C Thru is a truly remarkable innovative rain dispersant product for windscreens and windows. Rain is dispersed so effectively, wipers are not needed even in heavy downpours. Applies easily with a clean cloth and lasts an entire rainy season. No more wipers Clear vision in heavy rain Long lasting formula

Wynns Carb Cleaner 285g

Wynn?s Carb Cleaner is a powerful solvent which enables you to clean the carburettors without dismantling. Simply spray it into the float chamber vent to clean the inside and down the throat for rapid results. Spray onto the outside to clean the exterior. Cleans without dismantling Rapidly dissolves gums, resins, & tar deposits Restores smooth idling & efficient fuel deliver Suitable for 2 & 4 stroke carburettors